Thursday, 21 March 2013


At the moment, me and my group are deciding upon titles (whilst editing). We have agreed on a name such as "Lighting Productions" as we found it was short and engaging. This is a rough copy of what our title will look like. We like the idea of a still image of lighting being in the middle of the production title. Moreover, we have used a black background with white text so that the words are clearly visible to our target audience.

We have also thought about sound effects. We would like a sound effect of lighting as the title will only last around 3 seconds. I think, this will make our title sequence immediately engaging as even the production titles are interesting. 

However. the changes I would make to this are: A more defined lighting image as I do not think this image looks like lighting due to the abnormal shape. Also, their are no capital letters on the titles which in some way, makes it seem immature. Callum has been the main 'maker' of the titles due to his abundance of knowledge using the software such as Photoshop. However, he has considered our opinions so that as a group we can move forward together. We will now as a group, commit to making these changes so that our titles will be good.

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