Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Changes and further shooting

After talking to our teacher, it is evident that there may still be additional shooting which should be done so that we can improve our title sequence further. At the moment, we are currently organising titles and do have time to do some extra filming which will help make our products narrative more advanced. 

What we are now changing:
  1.  We have decided to create more flash back scenes so that our meaning is reinforced throughout the title sequence. I think this will help improve our product because it evidently displays to the audience what has happened in the past and the depressing reaction our protagonist had. The filming for this is going to take place on the 14th of March. The props we need are: chairs, camera, tripod.
  2.  Possible cutting of some material (clips) as we have now decided it is too aggressive and the flashback scenes we will reshoot will take up the spare timing. By doing this we will keep repeating the same message throughout our title sequence which will successfully let the viewer understand our narrative more. 
  3. Additionally, the dialogue of the girl speaking about where her brother has gone. We decided to include this as we think it will again, reinforce and add to the meaning and the understanding the viewers will have for our protagonist. We are using questions such as: (examples) - Where has he gone? Is he coming back? etc. This then signifies to the audience the girl is distressed and upset about her brother going missing.
What we still need to complete:

We are still currently working on our titles which need to be finished very soon. We are hoping to finish them by early next week so that if we needed to dramatically change or adjust anything we will have spare time to do so.

We also need to finalise music and make sure we are happy with the ordering we have placed it in. At the moment, I am fairly happy with how we have added in the sound but there is still work to be done and I am aware of that. Additionally, we have not touched upon sound levels which is significant because we need to make sure the music sounds advanced and successfully fits into the sequence.

This is our title sequence at the moment: (We still have a lot to go...)

Overall, me and my group are happy with how we are working and progressing at the moment. We are aware of the deadlines that have been set and are on track to meet them. To improve the way we approach the filming and editing I think we need to make sure we try to expand and think 'out of the box' so that it saves us time and we do not need to shoot more.

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