Sunday, 24 March 2013

Finished Titles

We have made and chosen the two main titles which we are going to use at the beginning of our title sequence. It took us a reasonably long time to think, and to work out the design of these titles. To ensure our titles were advanced we had to make sure a grid was put onto Photoshop so that the positioning was correct. We all really liked the idea of the lighting going down the middle and the text either side. I think the sound effect will make the titles look even better as the sound (such as the lighting). I think me and my group have made sure the titles were seen to be significant as we wanted everything in our title sequence to be advanced and good. Our next title, is reasonably simple compared to our previous one. We decided to use capitals to ensure the words were clearly visible  Along with our previous title, the background is black and letters are in white. This is because we wanted to make sure again, the words were easy to read. The actual design on our second title is a type of design which is made on Photoshop. I am content with both these titles as each are very simplistic but also slightly interesting because of the the two contrasting colors and the small design. I think at the moment, me and my group are working very hard to make sure we meet our deadline.

This is our first title
This is our second title

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