Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reshoot of flashback scene

Today me and my group did our final bit of filming which was as we call "the flash back scene". In order to achieve a good shooting we had to create a small, detailed table on what camera shots and angles we were going to use. We did this because it would help us when filming as it would be easier instead of improvising. This scene is considered highly important within our title sequence as it is to some extent the trigger which reveals the girls inner feelings which is why we felt the need to organise ourselves before actual shooting. Furthermore, I think me and my group did very well partly because I feel as a group we have progressed with our filming skills. 

Choice of actors:

To create authenticity and realism within the title sequence we used a real drama teacher to play the schoolteacher so that it could look genuine. We then used a young girl, Asian  to play the part of a younger version of our protagonist. We found it hard to find a girl who looked similar to Cindy (our main character  but because we finally did, it will make our sequence look and feel more real towards the audience. 

Camera? Mise-en-scene? Sound?

We decided to use an opening shot of the teacher and girl sitting with each other so that the audience would understand what they are doing. We then went onto a close up of the girl, looking concerned (as she has been pulled aside by a teacher). It then goes onto a close up of the teacher speaking the dialogue of how her brother went missing. After, a close up, reaction shot is shown of the girl so that the audience can understand and see her reaction to what has happened. The costume is very simplistic as we kept the young girl in uniform to add to the authenticity of her being at school. The teacher, wearing a smart casual outfit so again it will add to the current realism which is being presented. I think these decisions that we made with the camera, editing and sound are all significant which will help add continuity to our title sequence.

Overall, I am happy with what me and my group achieved today and I think we are constantly progressing. If I was to improve the way we approached this side of filming I would say that we maybe should have tried out more camera shots. Apart from this, I think we can now go back to editing and put the clips into a right place so our continuity is good.

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