Monday, 4 February 2013

Challenges We Are Facing: Editing

At the moment, me and my group are currently working on the editing of our final piece. We have put together most of the clips. However, we are facing problems which we need to solve soon so that our project can move forward and be successful. The one main challenge which we are finding hard to overcome is what sound to use. We are finding it hard to create or find a piece of music which fits into the mood and atmosphere we are trying to create. Furthermore, I am very content with how me and my group are coping with the editing as overall it is going very good. Even though I, personally am not familiar with Adobe Premiere I have certainly gained a few skills which has helped dramatically with editing. 

There is always room for improvements: 
Even though I am very happy about how my group are working I think we should put more time into looking and analysing different kinds of sounds so that we can move the project forward. I also think I should look into how to edit a flash back. We have included a flash back and we are currently struggling in how to make it look authentic. I think it would be helpful if we look at past coursework or even YouTube videos of people explaining so that we could get an advanced insight into making the flashback we include look authentic.

Below is a print screen of the flashback sequence and how we have edited it so far:

How I am organising myself to keep up with deadlines:
I am currently aware of all the future deadlines. Me and my group are frequently discussing the deadlines so that we know to keep on top of our project. We have organised ourselves efficiently so that we meet up and continue editing our project so we will meet all the deadlines.

Overall, the progress me and my group are making are up to good standards. This is because we are looking and evaluating every clip we have included in our project so that our opening sequence will be up to excellent standards. 

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